Nesta Fallick, Tim Prentice & Carol Tomcala - Teachers

  Joe Bolton has an amazing presence. When Joe enters a hall full of children, there is an immediate silence with fascinated focus waiting for the colourful character to share his knowledge of circus. Students and staff are motivated and interested by the facts he shares about where the tricks originated and why. Joe also approaches circus with a science perspective and discusses gravity, rotation and space with the students.

Joe holds the students interest throughout by goal setting and encouraging students to work towards certificates. Students move around the groups to a drumbeat and are given opportunities to show their progress to him. Teachers use this time to interact with students and measure their progress on a weekly basis. It is an opportunity for teachers to observe students listening and cooperative learning skills and gross motor skills. Sessions provide opportunities children who are less academically involved to shine in other areas of the curriculum and to discover their strengths.

Through activities Joe encourages risk taking and goal setting for children to increase their confidence, self esteem and to improve their perseverance and resiliency. He supports the children through positive self talk and affirmations and encourages them to do the same. Circus with Joe is a must for teachers and students!