Testimonials for the work of Joe Bolton.

Mark Pescud - Deputy Principal

The Suitcase Circus was loved by all students PP to Year 6 and is great value. I have received a lot of positive feedback from the parents, students and teachers. The education and skills based approach is excellent and was pitched very well for the different ages. I can recommend this incursion without reservation.

Nesta Fallick, Tim Prentice & Carol Tomcala - Teachers

Joe Bolton has an amazing presence. When Joe enters a hall full of children, there is an immediate silence with fascinated focus waiting for the colourful character to share his knowledge of circus. Students and staff are motivated and interested by the facts he shares about where the tricks originated and why. Joe also approaches circus with a science perspective and discusses gravity, rotation and space with the students.

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Geoff Hood - Principal

Joe has the ability to lead others into the world of Risk Taking and Collaborative play in a supportive and fun manner. His high levels of enthusiasm and ‘will do’ attitude encourage his charges to strive for improvement and join him in exploring Suitcase Circus skills.

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Jen Graffin - Deputy Principal

He has an excellent grasp of how skills progress developmentally and can easily adapt lessons to suit any age group. Joe ensures that they have plenty of time to practice and develop skills independently and the joy on the faces of children as they master something “tricky” is fantastic.

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Paul Green - Teacher

Joe has provided me with some outstanding ideas for the inclusion of Circus in the overall curriculum of the school. He successfully incorporates various curriculum ideas relating to maths, science, literacy and history. His fun approach engages the children in positive activities that excite and encourage the teaching staff who are involved and as a result, continue this work in their teaching and learning programs.

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