An Edu-Circus Term Program

Circus Stars!

Perfect Project for Pre-Primary

A term project (5-8 weeks) consisting of weekly circus skills sessions + the big show.

Students learn safe circus skills & perform a show together for parents & peers.

A series of active workshops leading to a Circus Concert performed by your Circus Stars!

A range of safe circus skills including juggling beanbags & scarves, plate spinning, balancing clubs, spin sticks and hoops.

We learn about all the skills and then choose one special ‘circus job’ to perform in the show.

Sessions also include elements of dance, rhythm, stage movement and characterisation.

Brave Balancing

Learning to walk on stilts

Amazing Agile Acrobats

Safe tumbling & flexibility

Happy Hula-Hoopers

Circus Showtime!

Fun & Focus

Working together on new skills

Special Spin Sticks

Let’s roll & balance & catch!